10th Day Program // 22.7.18

24th Kalamata Dance Festival

Program of the Day // 22.7.18



Kalamata Dance Megaron - Studio | 20:00


Chords and Threads; two performers, one musician and one dancer. Failing and restarting, rewinding and reconstructing, a man and a woman are unfolding a visual and musical landscape of missing objects, situations, people that are seeking their way back, returning from Darkness into Light.

Looking for the end of the thread – or is it the beginning? Konstandina Efthimiadou’s captivating, boundless movement and Panu’s individual sound create an intensely atmospheric performance.

In Case Of Loss is an exceptional dance piece where sound and movement are being treated as a means to rewind space in the present moment, a manifestation of always being lost and found, unable to rewind time itself. Threads that look like orientation lines become puppet strings, restricting and at the same time guiding the dancer's body through space.

An inevitable journey of constant return, In Case Of Loss is the magnificent outcome of an original collaboration between two very gifted artists.

Duration: 50΄


Conception-Creation: Panagiotis Manouilidis, Konstandina Efthimiadou
Choreography: Konstandina Efthimiadou
Music Composition: Panu (Panagiotis Manouilidis)
Performed by: Konstandina Efthimiadou & Panagiotis Manouilidis
Sound mixing and Mastering: Leonidas Beilis
Lighting Designer: Dimitra Aloutzanidou
Set Designers-Costumes: Kόkakepanu
Video Art-Photos: Panagiotis Andrianos

World premiere in 24th Kalamata Dance Festival.


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Kόkakepanu is the duo of Konstantina Efthimiadou and Panagiotis Manouilidis.

Κonstandina Efthimiadou (Κόka)

A State School of Dance (Athens) graduate. She has collaborated with Akram Khan, Wim Vandekeybus & Ultima Vez, Roberto Olivan & Enclave Dance Company, Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea (Rootlessroot), Cristine Gouzelis & Paul Blackman (Jukstapoz). Her own choreographic exploration began in 2012. She has since created two solos Henshin and Lapses of Light and two group pieces Looking Forward to Meeting and Mind the Heart. In Case of Loss is her new creation in collaboration with Panagiotis Manouilidis.

Panagiotis Manouilidis (Panu)

Musician and composer, Panu has released three personal records and three records with the music band Lemonostifel. He is steadily collaborating with Michalis Siganidis, Vassilis Mantzoukis - Martha Frintzila (Baumstrasse), Prodromos Tsinikoris and Anestis Azas. Over the years he has worked for the National Theatre of Greece, Athens & Epidaurus Festival, Onassis Cultural Centre, Münchner Kammerspiele, Rootlessroot and has collaborated with several Greek musicians in recordings and live concerts in Greece and abroad. He is an Athens based artist.


Kalamata Dance Megaron - Main Stage | 22:00

Les Slovaks

Journey Home by Les SlovaKs premiered in November 2009 in Brussels and ever since it has been touring around the world to excite audiences with the playfulness, power and sensitivity of this unique ensemble.

Les SlovaKs, five engaging dancers, create along with their long-term collaborator, musician and composer Simon Thierrée a polyphonic performance inspired by traditional dance. It is an amalgam of short dance vignettes full of emotions, imagination, shared history and humour that brings each dancer to the fore as a soloist and at the same time as an instrumental part of a dynamic and familial collective. Simon, as a careful tailor-kapelmeister, is instantly knitting his colorful music to a perfect fit for each dance scene and Les Slovaks sing and dance from their hearts reminding us the challenging though rewarding experience of collective creation and living.

Duration: 60΄


Choreography-Dance: Les SlovaKs Dance Collective (Martin Kilvady, Peter Jasko, Anton Lachky, Milan Herich, Milan Tomášik)
Composition-Live Music: Simon Thierrée
Set Designers: Les SlovaKs Dance Collective, Joris De Bolle
Lighting Designer: Joris De Bolle
Costume Designers: Mat Voorter, Pepa Martinez
Lights-Sound Technician: Tom Daniels
Production: Phileas Productions

Co-production: Kaaitheater (Belgium), Charleroi/Danses (Belgium), Teatro Mercat de les Flors (Spain), Hellerau - European Center for the Arts Dresden (Germany)

Partners: DCJ - Dans Centrum Jette (Belgium)


With the support of:
Ministry of the Flemish Community, the Flemish Community Commission in Brussels


 Les SlovaKs

Les SlovaKs: a collective of five independant, energetic dancers coming form Slovakia (Milan Herich, Peter Jaško, Anton Lachký, Milan Tomαšik and Martin Kilvády). Ηaving danced and lived together at different periods from childhood to present, Les SlovaKs officially formed a collective to make in 2006. Opening Night, which premiered in November 2007, was their first creation and it was an experience that laid a ground stone for their collective way of working and decision making. It was also the beginning in their developing a common skill for composing while performing and finding their movement language (later called New Traditional Dance). The creations that followed, Journey Home (2009) and Fragments (2013), represent the maturing of this language. Without any boundaries of style, Les SlovaKs use music, Slovak folk dance, polyphonic singing, humour and sensitivity to create performances with vivacious and unbound dancing.


13 → 22.07
JOSEF NADJ Inhancutilitatem 


10:00-13:00 & 19:00-22:00
13.7.2018 | Opening | 21:00
Kalamata Dance Megaron Lobby

Jozef Nadj 2jpg

With his series called Inhancutilitatem, Josef Nadj gets back to the cyanotype, this ancestor of photography, in a move that is like a return to the roots. A joyful pantheistic celebration, a game with the states of matter – combining fibers, lines and patterns; searching for new forms of life. One can also make out a ‘rite of passage’ in this deep and almost mystical blue, evoking new skies between Cyan and Prussian blue.

A swallow place where the movement of existence creates, as well for the hunter gatherer as for the spectator, a compelling object of meditation.

To this end the merciful angels often proposed and invented figures, characters, forms and unknown words from us mortals, and wonderful and meaningless according to the usual practices of the language, but inducing us through the highest admiration our reason, a diligent search of intelligible things, then the veneration and love of these things (Johannes Reuchlin, De Arte Cabalistica, Hagenhau, 1517, III).

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13 → 22.07.2018
Kalamata Municipal Stadium

Peter Jasko

This is more of a creativity and artistic self-awareness class rather than merely a dance class. Because of its nature, it is an open level class for professional dancers and movers alike. The class begins with the exploration of ways to overcome self-judgment and self-limitations. After waking up the whole body, we will delve into exercises to empower our focus. We will explore the area between power and fragility. We will move with the intention of never going back, developing our fearlessness and ability to trust each instant’s potential to lead us to new grounds. We will give ourselves the necessary time to tune into our body’s intuitive intelligence to solve movement paradoxes.

These simple materials are technical tools and also tools for composition. We encourage the dancer to playfully explore their personal language and inner creative processes that result both from everyday lived experience and learned movement patterns. By opening up to creative curiosity, we will work on enhancing our movement fluency. Also, we will develop strategies to explore the space between continuity and disruption of movement ideas by naming patterns for those interested in building choreographies.

Peter Jasko was born in 1982 in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. He is a dancer, choreographer and teacher as well as co-founder of the Les SlovaKs dance collective. He took his first dance classes at the folk dance company Dumbier Slovakia, where he spent eleven years. From 1996 to 2001, Peter studied and graduated from the Conservatory J.L.Bella of dance, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

He continued his highier education at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava before entering at the international school of dance P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels (2002), under the direction of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. His professional experience ranges from dancing with different international artists and companies such as Zuzana Hajkova, Opera Banska Bystrica, ASpO, Company Roberto Olivan, OXOXOX - Juri Konjar, G. Barberio Corsetti & Fattou Traore, Company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. He collaborated with David Zambrano as a performer, and also as an assistant for his classes and workshops. His teaching experience started in 2002 and at the moment he is teaching in many dance studios, dance and circus schools and companies in Belgium, Slovakia, Holland, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, New York.


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