2nd Day Program // 14.7.18

24th Kalamata Dance Festival

Program of the Day // 14.7.18



Kalamata Dance Megaron - Studio | 20:00

Olivier De Segazan 2

Transfiguration is a story of the painter and sculptor's unfulfilled longing to breathe life into his creation. In a gesture of desperation he sculpts clay onto his head, burying himself in the material, eradicating his identity and becoming a living work of art. Yet the material blinds him and he is forced to look inward, into the very depths of himself.

In a fascinating performance Olivier de Sagazan changes identities on stage – from man to animal and from animal to various hybrid creatures. He pierces, obliterates and unravels the layers on his face in a frenzied search for new essence and form. In this regard Olivier de Sagazan has stated:

“I am flabbergasted in seeing to what degree people think

it’s normal, or even trite, to be alive.”

In Transfiguration he gives new meaning to the notion of life, offering a captivating, disturbing and stirring glimpse into an alternative selfhood utterly unconstrained by inhibition.

Duration: 45′

Admittance: 16 years old and over


Performer: Olivier de Sagazan

Artistic manager: Gaelle de Sagazan

With the support of: 

CMYK Ambass eps

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Olivier de Sagazan, born in the Congo and raised in France, is a biologist by training who more than two decades ago began to delve into art. In his work, Sagazan examines his body as well as the structures which come to define the individual such as the dictates of society, culture and history. Through the creative process, he forges and then peels away the layers of clay, until a wild, primordial and liberated individual is laid bare.

Transfiguration was created in 1999, as a series of works dealing with the search for the shamanistic, animalistic and untamable essence of human nature.

We can find him, as well on stage as in movies like Samsara of Ron Fricke, tv series like Channel Zero of Nick Antosca. In video clips with Mylène Farmer, or FKA Twigs, on a fashion film with Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh.


13 & 14.07.2018
Kalamata Dance Megaron - Main Stage | 22:00

Sharon Fridman

Sharon Fridman choreographs an intriguing dance piece for five professional dancers and twenty volunteer dancers. Falls, verticality, contact, necessity and impulse are the core elements of Free Fall, an adventurous choreography that challenges the limits of instability.

Falling becomes an infinite starting point from which an unlimited repertoire of movement occurs, as the body resists abandoning its vertical state. Strong imagery, complex and delicate dynamics generate from the repeated separating and coming together of bodies.

Natural movement is the raw material used in the composition of movement; stripped of artifice and posturing in order to find true virtuosity, an essential dance occurs, whose honesty stems from the artist’s inner connection with the material he expresses. Caught up in an endless cycle of picking oneself up again after falling, Free Fall is a stunning performance that invites us to see for ourselves if a free fall is indeed possible.

Duration: 60’ 


Artistic Direction: Sharon Fridman
Choreography: Sharon Fridman in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Tania Garrido, Richard Mascherin, Lucía Montes, Melania Olcina, Juan Carlos Toledo
Dramaturgy: Antonio Ramírez-Stabivo
Original Music: Luis Miguel Cobo & Idan Shimoni
Costumes: MIZO, by Inbal Ben Zaken
Lighting: Sergio García, Shahar Werechson

Live Projections: Ofer Smilansky
Sound: Iñaki Ruiz Maeso
Graphic Design: oficina 4play
Video: Damián Varela, Eva Viera
Photography: Ignacio Urrutia

Production & Management: Lola Ortiz de Lanzagorta
Booking: Frans Brood Productions

In co-production with:

1 mercat    

With the support of:

2 israel 


 Sharon Fridman

Compañía Sharon Fridman is a contemporary dance company founded in 2006 and based in Madrid. The company's Artistic Director is Israeli choreographer Sharon Fridman whose works have been presented at numerous festivals and venues in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, U.K., Holland, Colombia, S. Korea and Singapore among others. His works has been awarded at the Choreography Contest Burgos-New York, Prize ICC Alicia Alonso, Choreographic Contest of Madrid, International Theatre and Dance Fair of Huesca, Tanzplatform of Bern or Max Award 2015, among others. The work of the company is based on three fundamental pillars: the language of contact, the social dimension of dance and the break of the fourth wall. Many international companies include on their repertoire creations by Compañía Sharon Fridman, such as Ballet Nacional de Paraguay, Kukai Dantza (Spain), Vertigo Dance Company (Israel), Compagnie Jus de la Vie (Sweden) or Compañía Nacional de Danza (Spain).



14.7.2018 | 19:00


This is a decaying age where greed creates a fake sense of power and makes people no longer realize the thin line between 'dream' and 'nightmare'.


Choreography-Performance: Akira Yoshida
Music: Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto - Berlin, Nox (The Monsoon), Einstürzende Neubauten (Tagelang weiß)

Akira Yoshida, born in 1990 in Navara, Spain is a dancer with a base in Salzburg. He transformed from awarded B-boying dancer to contemporary dancer after completing his studies in SEAD-Salzburg. He has collaborated with the Spanish companies Quiero Teatro and Jordi Vilaseca, and the Austrian company Hungry Sharks. He has won the first, second and third prize in competitions in Spain, France and Austria. He has presented two solos, Hogar and Ceniza. Home is his third solo.

13 → 22.07
JOSEF NADJ Inhancutilitatem 


10:00-13:00 & 19:00-22:00
13.7.2018 | Opening | 21:00
Kalamata Dance Megaron Lobby

Jozef Nadj 2jpg

With his series called Inhancutilitatem, Josef Nadj gets back to the cyanotype, this ancestor of photography, in a move that is like a return to the roots. A joyful pantheistic celebration, a game with the states of matter – combining fibers, lines and patterns; searching for new forms of life. One can also make out a ‘rite of passage’ in this deep and almost mystical blue, evoking new skies between Cyan and Prussian blue.

A swallow place where the movement of existence creates, as well for the hunter gatherer as for the spectator, a compelling object of meditation.

To this end the merciful angels often proposed and invented figures, characters, forms and unknown words from us mortals, and wonderful and meaningless according to the usual practices of the language, but inducing us through the highest admiration our reason, a diligent search of intelligible things, then the veneration and love of these things (Johannes Reuchlin, De Arte Cabalistica, Hagenhau, 1517, III).

 With the support of:

CMYK Ambass eps

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13 → 22.07.2018
Kalamata Municipal Stadium

Peter Jasko

This is more of a creativity and artistic self-awareness class rather than merely a dance class. Because of its nature, it is an open level class for professional dancers and movers alike. The class begins with the exploration of ways to overcome self-judgment and self-limitations. After waking up the whole body, we will delve into exercises to empower our focus. We will explore the area between power and fragility. We will move with the intention of never going back, developing our fearlessness and ability to trust each instant’s potential to lead us to new grounds. We will give ourselves the necessary time to tune into our body’s intuitive intelligence to solve movement paradoxes.

These simple materials are technical tools and also tools for composition. We encourage the dancer to playfully explore their personal language and inner creative processes that result both from everyday lived experience and learned movement patterns. By opening up to creative curiosity, we will work on enhancing our movement fluency. Also, we will develop strategies to explore the space between continuity and disruption of movement ideas by naming patterns for those interested in building choreographies.

Peter Jasko was born in 1982 in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. He is a dancer, choreographer and teacher as well as co-founder of the Les SlovaKs dance collective. He took his first dance classes at the folk dance company Dumbier Slovakia, where he spent eleven years. From 1996 to 2001, Peter studied and graduated from the Conservatory J.L.Bella of dance, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.

He continued his highier education at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava before entering at the international school of dance P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels (2002), under the direction of Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. His professional experience ranges from dancing with different international artists and companies such as Zuzana Hajkova, Opera Banska Bystrica, ASpO, Company Roberto Olivan, OXOXOX - Juri Konjar, G. Barberio Corsetti & Fattou Traore, Company Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui. He collaborated with David Zambrano as a performer, and also as an assistant for his classes and workshops. His teaching experience started in 2002 and at the moment he is teaching in many dance studios, dance and circus schools and companies in Belgium, Slovakia, Holland, Norway, Spain, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, New York.



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